Gliola S.A. - Unternehmen in Lugano, Schweiz - Allbiz
    Gliola S.A. - Unternehmen in Lugano, Schweiz - Allbiz
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    Gliola S.A. - Unternehmen in Lugano, Schweiz - Allbiz

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    Gliola S.A., Lugano
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    Geschäftsadresse: Lugano, Schweiz
    Residencial Sevilla, 36 street corner 5th avenue apt 6, Miramar, Playa
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    Craft charcoal is a product highly demanded in the European market, where home production does not exist . Cuba has become in ones of principal producers and exporters of charcoal in the world, utilizing like raw material a extremely invasive shrub since its introduction in the country 150 years ago, from South Africa, and that as of the present moment has proliferated for all the archipelago. An estimated six million hectares of lands invaded by this undesirable plant known like Marabú. Not only an almost inexhaustible wooden source for the production of charcoal of lofty quality guarantees this phenomenon, but the possibility to produce it without attacking the ambient midway and destroying big extensions of timber forests, on the contrary each ton of manufactured charcoal means the return to agricultural productivity of lands that before were idle and infested of Marabú. Without misgivings, the production of craft charcoal in Cuba is an ecologically clean and beneficial process.
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